The winter months are a magical time of year, allowing you to enjoy cosy evenings with friends and family as you stay warm by the fire as you watch the frost glisten outside. Sometimes, the drop in temperature can result in your garden or outdoor space feeling neglected and unused for a prolonged period of time. However, you can use your garden space and garden furniture all year round by accessing a variety of different methods to keep warm and appreciate the winter months in full.

Heating your garden in winter is a great way to enjoy a firework party or a winter barbecue, ensuring that you make your garden the most sought after garden space in the street whilst you stay warm! There are many different varieties of heater available for you to buy, such as a gas heater or electric heater, or a fire pit, a fireball, or chiminea, in addition to more extravagant outside options such as under decking heating or a hot tub.

Outdoor Heaters

Electric heaters, such as gas or electric patio heaters, are a great way to heat up your garden during the winter months and can be an affordable method that allows you to keep warm outside with very little effort. Simply plug in your patio heater in your desired position and sit next to it to keep warm and toasty while you make the best of the cold weather and the frosty temperatures.

If you have sufficient space outside, your best option may be to install a gazebo and then place your electric patio heaters inside of the gazebo, trapping the heat inside and creating the perfect, warm environment for all friends and family. Of course, there are so many different patio heaters that you can choose from, including a gas patio heater and a wide range of vertical and horizontal heaters.

Make sure that you search for the most affordable and efficient patio heater that is the perfect option for you, allowing you to enjoy the cold weather in any way that you like. You may find that a gas patio heater is cheaper to purchase than electric heaters with gas heaters being a cheaper energy option to heat your garden, although gas may not be an environmentally friendly energy choice of patio heater.

Outdoor Fire Pit

There is no better way to heat your outdoor space than a fire pit! Gathering many friends and family around a fire pit while holding your favourite glass of wine, or a steaming hot chocolate can allow you to fully enjoy your garden while feeling the heat and warmth of the fire pit. A fire pit creates an amazing ambience and a glowing atmosphere that you will like, although you should, of course, be careful when using a fire pit, particularly if there are any children around.

A fire pit may be powered through either dry wood, natural gas, or liquid propane, requiring you to ensure a full supply of fuel has been sought and stored to allow full enjoyment of the fire pit. Fire pits will vary from model to model, however, and so you will need to read the complete manufacturer's instructions and ensure that you are aware of what you must do to use and to maintain the equipment.

Fire is the original and traditional source of heat, although a fire pit can be quite expensive to purchase. The costs soon increase in further ways, especially when continuously purchasing the necessary fuel on top of the fire pit purchase cost. Of course, a cheaper option could be to create one small bonfire in your garden, making a tee-pee of dry sticks or a log or two, surrounded by a circle of stones, or by making one fire inside of a metal bin. Once the fire has been made, simply add further dry wood or a thin log to get the most out of your fire and to attain a good flame.

Ensure that the safety of yourself, other people, and your garden and any wildlife is at the forefront of your mind, however, taking every safety precaution to use the fire safely, particularly once the fire has been made. Alternatively, further options include using a fire bowl which provides a cosy, smokey flame that can become a focal point of your outdoor space and help to keep you warm. A fire bowl is easier to maintain and manage, and there is a reduce chance of any potential accident coming to fruition.

Using a Hot Tub

Relaxing in a hot tub, even in the middle of a winter garden wonderland, can be the perfect solution for adding heat to your garden, in addition to socialising with a small number of good friends and family. A hot tub can be used all year round, and is a great addition to your summer escapades as well, although using a hot tub during a winter evening provides heating to your garden above and beyond what an electric heater or a fire pit can achieve. Your friends and family will love to come to your hot tub, allowing your hot tub to be used regularly.

Outdoor Room

Installing an outdoor room such as a cabin can be the perfect solution to heat your garden during winter as well as being the perfect summer house in the warmer months. A cabin can be an expensive purchase, however, although it is a superb addition to the home that will surely add value to your garden.

Choosing a wooden cabin would look great in a frosty garden, although you could opt for brightly coloured materials to add a spectacular feature to your outdoor space. The heat will surely build up inside of the cabin, as you, your friends and family lounge of sofas and consume your favourite drinks and snacks. You could additionally add heaters inside of your cabin to create a fully heated room in the best available location outdoors.

Heated Decking

There are many further ways to heat your garden, particularly if your budget is high. If you are able to provide an investment to your space outdoors, think about creating heating underneath your decking. This option is very expensive in comparison to the other available choices but would allow people to come to your home and use your outdoor area free from restrictions and without limitation.

Accessing the same premise to underfloor heating inside of the home, heated decking enables you to get warm via the heated wood underneath your feet, with the warm air rising and creating a fully heated atmosphere. You can then install rattan furniture on top of the heated decking to increase the temperature and create the perfect remedy for the cold.


A great option to help keep you warm even in the winter is a chimenea, creating a focal point and allowing a satisfying burning and flickering of the flames to create easy heat that you will want to use every evening and across differing ways. Smoke will result from the use of a chimenea, and so the air may not be as pure as the air surrounding an electric heater, for example, but if you want to buy a product that can provide easy heat, then a chimenea may be the perfect choice to help you to achieve this.

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